Daily Winners Round Up On Prizes Now October 2017

Who’s added their names to the PrizesNow! Winners Wall Recently?

Larry R. of New Orleans, LA on October 1st
James M. of New Castle, PA on October 2nd
Laura S. of Phenix City, AL on October 3rd
Ismael A. of La Puente, CA on October 4th
Jean M. of Willimantic, CT on October 5th

And don't forget Jack C. of Washington, D.C. who won $1000 Cash on October 4th!!!

PrizesNow contacts all winners via email.  While you will see that you’ve won instantly on the screen, we will always email all winners to confirm how they want their winnings (check, PayPal or Amazon Gift Card) and where to send the prizes (postal address, PayPal email or email to send Amazon Gift Card to).  Note that we will never contact you by phone.  We do not collect phone number.  It is important that you check all emails from PrizesNow so that you do not miss an email about being a prize winner.

We also will send emails about special giveaways via email.  These are bonus giveaways that only users getting an email from PrizesNow will have access to.  These emails will also allow you to login to your daily PrizesNow games automatically, so that you do not have to enter your email and password to login, making it even easier for you to play.