Prizes-Now April 2021 Winner Highlights

The month of April 2021 has been another exciting one for our players entering for 20 daily chances to win up to $25,000! All you need is a lucky set of numbers for each game which you can choose yourself and save to play again, or try your luck using Quick Picks for a faster game play experience! You just never know when you might hit that winning combination and see that exciting win instantly! If you win, we’ll send you an email message to arrange to deliver your prize money to you absolutely free of charge. That's why it’s important to keep your email address up to date in your free account and make sure you open email messages from us. If you win one of our games, or are chosen for the $50 daily cash giveaway, we’ll notify you at the email address you submitted in your free account. If you change your email address, be sure to update it so we can still reach you with any potentially exciting news or prize payment!

Congratulations to all of our players who received a surprise winner email message this month letting them know they’ve won our $50 daily cash prize giveaway! We give this cash prize away every day to one player just to say thanks for playing Prizes-Now! If you receive a winner notification you can choose one of three easy payment options to collect your prize money. We can mail a check, give you a PayPal payment or send you an Amazon Gift Card code if you’d like to go shopping on with your prize money. Either way, having $50 to spend any way you want to is always fun! You could buy a nice take-out dinner or treat someone special to a meal at your favorite restaurant. You could also use it for groceries, gas in your car, pay for every day expenses or just buy yourself something cool as a way of celebrating being a lucky daily cash prize winner!

Lena S. in Baxter Springs, Kansas, might be enjoying a nice lunch date with her BFF since she has $50 to spend after winning the daily cash on April 1! Zuma H. in Norristown, Pennsylvania, won the daily cash prize on April 3. That could certainly come in handy for a nice produce shop at your favorite farm stand! Ona S. in Dallas, Texas, might be shopping at her favorite boutique with the $50 daily cash prize she won on April 4! That could certainly pay for something nice to wear to a family barbecue! Sima S. in Southampton, Pennsylvania, might be using the $50 daily cash she won on April 7, to buy some special ingredients for a delicious Sunday family dinner! Lloyd W. in Malaga, Washington, might be hitting his favorite micro-brewery with his best bud since he has $50 to spend after winning the daily cash prize on April 12. It’s always an even better time when you have free cash to pay for it! Linda S. in Greeley, Colorado, could be picking up some fresh ingredients at the local farmers market with the $50 daily cash prize she won on April 20! John K. in Sierra Vista, Arizona, also has $50 to spend on something fun since he won the daily cash prize on April 30! For a complete list of winners, take a look at our Winners page. If you win one of our games or the daily prize, we’ll proudly display your name there so you can brag to all of your friends and family that you won on Prizes-Now!

Prizes-Now gives away $50 every single day to one of our lucky players just for entering our daily games, which range from $250 all the way up to $25,000! Be sure to play Prizes-Now every day to maximize your chances to win. On top of the chances to play and win instant games, you will earn and accumulate entries for the daily cash prize with each sweepstakes you complete, which is based upon your number of correct matches. We select winners each night after Midnight Eastern time, so be sure to play your daily games before then. Winners are notified by email and names are announced on our site. Keep an eye out for our email messages and keep in mind, email is the only way we’ll let you know if you won! We will never call you on the phone, send you a text message or contact you on Facebook or any other social media platform. If anyone contacts you this way, it’s not Prizes-Now. If you need to reach Prizes-Now, please visit the Contact Us page on this site.