August 2021 Winner Highlights

If you want free chances to win cash prizes, you’ve come to the right site! We offer free daily games with chances to win up to $25,000. On top of that, it’s really fun to play whether you choose your own numbers in each game or try your luck using Quick Picks, which the game will choose for you! You can win by either method, so mixing it up is also a fun option to try! Keep in mind, whichever way you choose your lucky numbers, you can save them to play again if you’d like to. Just click on Save Picks at the top right hand of your game after you’ve submitted your numbers for that particular game play.

Many players have been enjoying our free daily games and collecting cash in the process. We give $50 to one player every day just for playing. So, even if you don’t win on any given day, you’ll still earn entries for the daily cash prize drawing which we hold at midnight eastern time. Each time you play one of our games you’ll earn an entry for the chance to win. We notify winners at the email address they have on their free account, so be aware of messages from us and make sure to check to see if you’ve won!

Debra B. of Richland, New York, received one of those happy messages when she won the $50 daily cash on August 1.  It’s super easy to collect your cash prize completely free of charge too. Just reply to your winner email and let us know if you’d like an Amazon Gift Card, a PayPal payment or we can mail you a check. Whichever way you choose, it’s always awesome receiving free cash and you can use it however you’d like to!

Willard N. from Aurora, Colorado, also won the $50 daily cash on August 8! There’s some money to meet your friends for dinner or a round of golf to catch up and have a good time together! Dee Dee G. in Cathedral City, California, also has $50 cash on hand since she won the daily giveaway on August 12! There’s some money towards your next hair or nail appointment or even for a nice dinner from your favorite local restaurant!

Martha S. in Shreveport, Louisiana, might be buying some ingredients to cook up one of her famous recipes like shrimp and grits with the $50 daily cash she won on August 15! Or, if you don’t feel like cooking, you could take the kids and head over to Splash Kingdom Water Park. That’s always a fun way to cool down from the summer heat!

Eve H. of Sedona, Arizona, also added her name to the winner list when she won the $50 daily cash prize on August 27! Perhaps you’ll head over to the Cowboy Club with your bestie and enjoy a great meal while you admire all the cool old western movie memorabilia the walls are just filled with! What a fun place that is! You might even feel adventurous and take one of the Pink Jeep tours since it’s right across the street. Just because you live there, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the attractions like a tourist and now you have your prize money to pay for it. Have fun!

Thanks to all our players and congrats to everyone who won this month. Keep playing! There are many more chances to win every day and we’d be very happy to let you know you’ve won a cash prize! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for email messages from us and be sure to reply if you see one of those exciting winner notifications! Best of luck always for winning Prizes-Now!