Prizes-Now May 2021 Winner Highlights

Terrance C. in Honolulu, Hawaii, kicks off this month’s list of prize winners after winning our $50 Daily Cash Giveaway on May 1! We give this cash prize away to one player every single day just for playing our free and fun sweepstakes games with chances to win up to $25,000 instantly! Having an extra $50 in your pocket can certainly pay for something fun! Perhaps you’ll head over to Target to pick out some new shorts and a cool graphic tank shirt to wear to the beach! This is a great time of year for choices in the latest styles, although we’re pretty sure Hawaii has cool beachwear in the stores all year round! Enjoy your prize money, Terrance, no matter what you plan to buy with it!

Diana D. in Crescent City, Florida, might also be shopping for new beachwear with the $50 Daily Cash Prize she won on May 4. You could even relax and get a really great manicure/ pedicure and buy a stylish pair of flip flops to show off your favorite nail polish color! You might even meet up with your friends for an enjoyable girls lunch out at Hallie's Landing. A great table with a view of the lake and some delicious food and fun conversation to catch up with each other and you’ll have a wonderful time with your prize money. Have fun, Diana!

Penelope J. in Johnson City, Tennessee, also added her name to the winners list this month when she won the $50 Daily Cash Prize on May 14! Perhaps you’ll take your family for a great breakfast meal at Waffle House complete with eggs, hash browns, pancakes, sausages, orange juice and lots of cups of that really great coffee. No matter what time of day it is, who doesn’t like breakfast all day long?! And if they don’t, you can’t go wrong with an Angus Beef Cheeseburger Deluxe or Texas Melt sandwich, now, can you? Enjoy it and don’t forget to check out their merchandise like those Waffle House Coffee mugs and cool apparel! Yes, we’re Waffle House fans too and just love those mugs!

Rao C. in Naperville, Illinois, also added her name to the winner list when she got the exciting news, she won the $50 Daily Cash Prize drawing on May 21! Maybe you’ll grab your significant other and head out to the Hollywood Palms Cinema to see one of those exciting movies you keep seeing advertised! With $50 cash from Prizes-Now you can add in a bucket of popcorn and some cold sodas and enjoy a relaxing evening on us!

Matt A. in Bennington, Nebraska, also has an extra $50 to enjoy since he won the daily give away on May 30! That could certainly come in handy to take a ride downtown and head to Nate’s Stumble Inn for an enjoyable family meal. You could even show up in time for Happy Hour to meet up with friends and enjoy some great food and good conversation! We hear it’s a real friendly place, but we probably don’t have to tell you that. Have a great time, Matt!

If you’d like chances to add your name to our winner list, keep playing Prizes-Now every day and don’t forget to check your emails from us! Prizes-Now offers our players instant win games each and every day with chances for cash prizes between $250 and $25,000. Match all of the numbers correctly in any of the games and win that prize amount. Players have the option to choose, play and save their own sets of numbers, or use the built-in Quick Pick feature, in any of the lottery style games we offer.

On top of the chance to play and win instant games, you will earn and accumulate entries for our daily drawing with each sweepstakes you complete, which is based upon your number of correct matches. Prizes-Now gives away $50 every single day to one of our lucky players, who is chosen at random from all of the daily entries. We select winners each night after midnight eastern time, so be sure to play your daily games before then.

Winners are notified by email and names are announced on our Winners page. That’s why it’s important to use your main and real email address with your free Prizes Now membership. Keep in mind, the email address you enter is the only way we will contact you if you are one of our lucky winners. So, be sure you keep an eye on your inbox and play Prizes Now every day to maximize all of your chances to win!