October 2021 Winner Highlights 

We hope you’ve been enjoying playing Prizes-Now every day and having some free fun on our site for the chances to play twenty instant-win games for up to $25,000 cash! With instant wins and daily prizes, it sure is exciting to play and even more exciting to win! Whether you have special lucky numbers you like to play over and over or leave it to chance using Quick Picks, so the game chooses for you, there are so many chances to win every day! There’s no waiting to see if you chose the winning numbers. You’ll see right away how many you matched and if you’ve won!

 Add to that, one player every day wins our $50 daily giveaway, so there’s an added bonus to the fun! That’s $50 you can spend on a nice dinner, new clothes, gas and meals during the workweek, or perhaps even go see your favorite comedian or band in concert! You could also use it to donate to a family in need over the holiday season, buy some groceries for a local food drive or even buy some new toys for a toy drive and make some kids happy who may be spending their holidays in the hospital. That’s always a kind thing to do and the recipients of the donations are no doubt grateful for the kind generosity! 

 Nancy B. in Brooklyn, New York, might be headed down to Sheepshead Bay for a delectable meal at Randazzo’s with the $50 she won on October 2. No matter what anyone says about their favorite Italian places, you can’t beat their clam chowder and famous homemade tomato sauce! Don’t forget to order the fried calamari! You know it’s simply the best!

 Looks like the Brooklyn ladies are lucky in the daily giveaways this month. Tanya M., also of Brooklyn, New York, won the $50 cash prize on October 8! All we can think of is, there’s cash to enjoy an awesome meal since, as everyone knows, you just can’t beat the food in Brooklyn! Makes us want to take a drive right now to get one of those homemade pies at Totonno’s! Now, that’s worth the drive no matter where you’re from!

 Judy C. in Las Vegas, Nevada, just put $50 in her purse and she didn’t even need to leave home or stop in at one of the casinos to do it since you can play Prizes-Now on your favorite device from anywhere you are! Enjoy your cash, Judy. We hope you treat yourself to something special with it!

 David P. of Betsy Lane, Kentucky, also has $50 to enjoy however he wants to since he won the daily cash on October 18. Perhaps you’ll treat your special gal to a delicious meal at the Betsy Lane Dairy Bar. That sure looks mighty tasty, and we’d guess you probably frequent their establishment often. Have a fun time, David!

 Mark T. of Pahoa, Hawaii, may be hanging ten with a big smile on his face since he also put an extra $50 in his wallet this month after winning the daily cash giveaway on October 20! Congrats, Mark! We know you’re an avid sweeper with many wins under your belt and that’s the way it’s done. Keep playing!

  Kathy D. in Land O Lakes, Florida, might be buying extra special treats for the neighborhood children this Halloween now that she has an extra $50 to spend since she won the daily cash giveaway on October 28, just in time to grab those last minute goodie bags!

 Keep checking your email for exciting messages from Prizes Now! If you win the $50 daily giveaway or any of our sweepstakes games, we’ll notify you at the email you have registered in your free account. And remember, your registered email address is the ONLY method Prizes-Now will use to contact you. We will never call or text you or contact you on Facebook or any social media platform. There is no membership fee to join and play – our daily games are always 100% free to enter to win every single day! We offer twenty instant-win games daily. On top of that, we also give you free entries into our $50 daily cash prize drawing every time you match any number in our games.

There is also never any fee to collect your prize money. All prize awards are delivered to the winner at absolutely no charge! Plus, winners have the choice of how you want to receive your prize money. We offer a payment to your PayPal account, or an Amazon Gift Card if you’d like to be paid electronically. You can also choose payment via a check in the mail. When you receive your winning prize notification, you can select how you want your payment at the time you confirm receipt of your winning message. Thanks for playing Prizes-Now and we hope to be announcing your name as a lucky winner soon!