September 2021 Winner Highlights

With chances to win cash instantly, Prizes-Now is the place to be to have some fun every day! We offer free games daily where you can pick your own lucky numbers or let the game choose for you with the built-in Quick Pick option. Either way, it’s pretty exciting because as soon as you decide which numbers to submit, you’ll see right away if you’ve won, or how close you actually came! If you don’t win, you’ll still earn entries into our $50 daily cash prize drawing and that’s also exciting because having $50 free cash in your pocket can buy something enjoyable like a nice meal, something new to wear, extra groceries, weekly lunches, gas for your commute, or whatever you want to buy with it!

Betty Johnson from Lexington, Kentucky, got a fun surprise when she chose the winning numbers in Game 1 on September 12 and, Cha Ching, got the awesome $250 cash prize sent directly to her absolutely free! Betty chose to be paid by a check in the mail, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see that check with your name inked on it! Congrats, Betty! That’s a tidy sum of cash you can use for holiday food shopping or anything that suits your fancy. We hope you enjoy it and buy things that bring more smiles to your happy face!

Geddes S., Jr., in Mount Desert, Maine, put $50 in his bank account after winning the daily cash prize drawing on September 4! There’s a nice chunk of cash to perhaps enjoy a delicious meal at one of the local establishments like Mother’s Kitchen. We’d bet it’s as good as home-made food your own mother would make! Enjoy it, Geddes!

Roy P. from Lake Orion, Michigan, also won the $50 daily cash prize on September 8! We make it really easy to collect your prize money with three options to choose from. You can let us know when you reply to your winner email notice if you’d like a check mailed to you, a direct PayPal deposit, or an Amazon Gift Card if you’d like to go shopping online. Whichever way you decide to collect, winning cash is always a thrill and we’re delighted to send your prize money so you can enjoy it on whatever you decide! Phyllis C. of Grace, Idaho, won the $50 cash prize drawing on September 14. That could cover a trip to the local farmers market to pick up some fresh produce for a delicious Sunday supper with your family! You might even buy yourself a bouquet of pretty flowers to decorate the table and celebrate your lucky win!

Michael H. in Pomona, California, also has $50 to spend since he was chosen as the daily cash winner on September 21, just in time for the Fall Equinox even if the seasons don’t change that much in southern California! Perhaps you’ll head over to Target to scope out a new raincoat and other gear for the rainy season. After all, who doesn’t like dancing in the rain with new rain gear on! Kenneth F. from New Harmony, Utah, might be harmonizing a happy tune since he also won the $50 cash drawing on September 26, just in time to gear up for Halloween! We’re sure the kids will love the new decorations and bags of candy you can buy with that prize money!

Prizes-Now gives away $50 every single day to one of our lucky players just for entering our daily games, which range from $250 all the way up to $25,000! Be sure to play Prizes-Now every day to maximize your chances to win. On top of the chances to play and win instant games, you will earn and accumulate entries for the daily cash prize with each sweepstakes you complete, which is based upon your number of correct matches. We select winners each night after Midnight Eastern time, so be sure to play your daily games before then. Winners are notified by email and names are announced on our site. Keep an eye out for our email messages and keep in mind, email is the only way we’ll let you know if you won!