Winner Highlights February 2022

Prizes-Now gives players twenty completely free instant-win sweepstakes games every day with cash prizes up to a whopping $25,000! It’s super fun and easy to play for your chance to win. Simply choose the numbers each games allows and submit your entries. For a faster game play, you can select the built-in Quick Picks feature, or choose your own set of numbers. Either way, you can save those numbers if you want to play them the next time! The other totally exciting part is you will see right away if you’ve matched all of the winning numbers or how many you got correct. For each correct match, you’ll earn an entry into our $50 cash giveaway, which is drawn each night at random from the day’s total entries.

Winners are notified at the email address they have registered with their free account, so be sure to keep yours up to date. Simply click on My Account at the top of the page to double check the email you have in there is the one you want us to contact you at. If not, go ahead and change it so you don’t miss any important news from us! If you receive a winner confirmation message you can choose to get your payment by check, PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card. For large cash prize awards, we send a check by mail once you confirm your mailing address.

Alan B. from Eleele, Hawaii, had a fun day playing Prizes-Now on February 25, when he matched all of the correct numbers right out of the gate in Game 1. That sure is exciting to see on the very next screen that you got them all! Once you get your prize payment, you’ll be on your way to enjoying it any way you’d like to! Perhaps you’ll head over to Mark’s Place and enjoy a delicious Hawaiian meal on one of the outdoor tables so you can relax with friends and enjoy the beautiful views! There sure are plenty of those on Kawaii! Have a great time celebrating your win and enjoy spending your prize money, Alan!

Jessica G. in Punta Santiago, Puerto Rico, added her name to the winner’s list on February 16 when she was chosen to win the $50 daily cash prize drawing! Congrats, Jessica! That’s a fun surprise. Maybe you’ll fill up your cooler and head out for a relaxing day at the beach since you can stock up on what you need with your prize money. Living in such a beautiful place, we’re sure you know exactly where to go to enjoy yourself. Have fun!

Robert D. of Niagara Falls, New York, also won the $50 daily cash on February 25! Having extra cash to put gas in your car, go out for a great meal or even buy yourself something cool is always fun! We hope you enjoy it and keep playing for more chances to win our free daily games!

Congratulations to all the winner’s this month! For a complete list, head to the winner’s page to see who else put some money in their wallet this month! Keep checking your email for exciting messages from Prizes-Now! If you win the $50 daily giveaway or any of our sweepstakes games, we’ll notify you at the email you have registered in your free account. And remember, your registered email address is the ONLY method Prizes-Now will use to contact you. We will never call or text you or contact you on Facebook or any social media platform. There is no membership fee – our daily games are always 100% free to enter to win every single day! We offer twenty instant-win games daily. On top of that, we also give you free entries into our $50 daily cash prize drawing every time you match any number in our games.

There is also never any fee to collect your prize money. All prize awards are delivered to the winner at absolutely no charge! Plus, winners have the choice of how you want to receive your prize money. We offer payment via a check in the mail, a payment to your PayPal account, or an Amazon Gift Card. When you receive your winning prize notification, you can select how you want your payment at the time you confirm receipt of your winning message. Thanks for playing Prizes-Now and we hope to be announcing your name as a lucky winner soon!