Prizes-Now Winner Highlights July 2022

We hope you’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to win our free daily games, and having a lot of fun playing every day! It’s always great to know you could win big money on any given day! In fact, with two chances to win $555,000, you’ve got nothing to lose by playing through the games and if you choose the winning combination of numbers, you could be on your way to a life changing deposit into your bank account! So, while you dream of all the possibilities of what you would do with all that money, be sure to play every day for your free chances to win! Of course, there are also chances to win different amounts of money instantly, which is quite thrilling to see right away on your screen!

Be sure to keep any eye on your email too for special announcements and contests we run from time to time. Sheldon S. from Boynton Beach, Florida, has some bragging rights at the club since he won our special $250 sweepstakes contest on July 6! That’s more fun than winning at bingo and we’re sure your friends may be curious to know more about Prizes-Now so be sure to show them the site and let them know they can play for free too!

Carlos S. from Alberta Lea, New Mexico, also won a special giveaway on July 28 and can now ask Alexa where his stuff is, what the weather is, or anything else he may need to know since he can do all of that and more on the Amazon Echo Dot. This is an awesome prize, and you can even call family members who have Echo devices, video chat or leave them messages. If you want to listen to music and sing along with the lyrics on the screen, learn a new recipe from your favorite chef, find out where you can get the best food in town, have a laugh with a joke or two, or find out just about anything you need to know, Alexa is at your voice command!

Don’t forget to keep any eye out for our $50 Daily Cash Prize too. We select one winner at random from all of the entries on any given day and send that winner an email so they can collect their prize money in one of three easy ways. We offer a check sent in the postal mail, a direct PayPal payment or, for you avid online shoppers, you can select an Amazon Gift Card. The only thing better than shopping on Amazon is having a gift card to pay for your purchase at check out!

Bill B. from Bath, New York, won the $50 Daily Cash Prize Drawing on July 7 and chose PayPal to receive his prize money! That’s a great choice because you can leave it in your PayPal account to make purchases online or send money to someone, or you can transfer it to your bank account to use from there or withdraw the cash! Congrats, Bill. Maybe you’ll celebrate your cash win and take the family to Stephanie’s Family Restaurant for Sunday brunch or Three Wishes Café for lunch. At those prices, your $50 prize money can certainly cover a family meal so everyone can enjoy!

Wendy F. in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, won the $50 Daily Cash Prize Drawing on July 17 and opted to take an Amazon Gift Card for her prize payment. That’s another great choice because everyone loves shopping on Amazon! With a mind boggling number of products, you’re sure to find exactly what you need, or maybe discover some new things you weren’t even thinking about until you found them browsing around! Have fun Wendy. We hope you find things that make you happy!

Elizabeth G. of Laredo, Texas, is no stranger to the winner’s list and just added her name again after winning the $50 Daily Cash Prize Drawing on July 29! This is Elizabeth’s fourth win in the past year or so and probably won’t be her last since we know she’s an avid player! She chose to receive her prize money by check in the mail and that’s a great way to get your prize payment too. Then you can deposit it or cash it and have some fun shopping, getting your nails done, or maybe dining out if you want to!

Keep checking your email for exciting messages from Prizes-Now! If you win the $50 daily giveaway or any of our sweepstakes games, we’ll notify you at the email you have registered in your free account. There is no membership fee – our daily games are always 100% free to play every single day! We offer twenty instant-win games daily. On top of that, we also give you free entries into our $50 daily cash prize drawing every time you match any number in our games!