Winner Highlights June 2022

We hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer and you’re having a lot of fun with the nice weather and so many outdoor activities. We also hope you’re including playing Prizes-Now in your daily entertainment since we offer so many free games with chances to win real cash prizes! With our top prize now being $555,000, we’re sure you won’t want to miss the chance to have a great time playing to win a life changing amount of cash! Don’t forget, we also award $50 to one player each day, so be sure to keep an eye out for email messages from us. That’s how we’ll let you know if you’ve won.

Mike S. from Oceanside, California, heads up this month’s $50 daily winners list after he won the prize drawing on June 1! Since it’s pretty much always summertime in Southern California, you certainly have many choices of what you can do with some extra money in your pocket! Maybe you’ll stock your cooler and head to the beach with your favorite someone to relax and watch the waves roll in!

Michael C. in Garfield, New Jersey, also has some extra cash to spend since he won $100 in our special sweepstakes contest on June 2. That could come in handy for a shopping trip to the Supreme Discount Warehouse to buy some new clothes for summer or whatever else you may be looking for at wholesale prices!

Virginia W. of Reno, Nevada, didn’t need to visit a casino to put some cash in her wallet since she’s more than likely having lots of fun playing our free games and also won the $50 daily cash prize on June 10! Maybe you’ll continue the excitement and head to Grand Adventure Land for an afternoon of go cart race with the kids. That’s something everyone can totally enjoy!

Velder D. from Merrillville, Indiana, may be heading to Albanese Sweets-N-Treats to stock up on everyone’s favorite candy and snacks now that he has an extra $50 in his wallet after winning the daily cash prize drawing on June 14! Congrats, Velder. Perhaps you may round out your shopping trip with a stop at ChicagoLand Popcorn, so you’ll be all ready for family movie night too!

Cecilia M. in San Leandro, California, has some extra spending money since she won the $100 special sweepstakes contest on June 23, just in time to officially kick off summer! Maybe you’ll make plans to head to the 150 Minutes of Music and Light in the Marina Park, and enjoy a taste of Food Truck Mafia’s savory menu and sweet desserts! Then you can sit back in your lawn chair with your favorite people and enjoy the sounds of the band Fitzgerald, followed by a happy birthday San Leandro light show. Sounds like a fun time for all!

Pamela J. in Cookeville, Tennessee, also has some money to enjoy since she won the $50 daily cash prize on June 24! Perhaps you’ll head to Cracker Barrell to enjoy a delicious homestyle meal with your significant other since everyone loves their American comfort food menu selections, right?! Plus, it’s always fun to browse around the gift shop afterwards.

Lawrence H. of Abilene, Texas, also won the $50 daily cash prize giveaway on June 28! That’s a nice surprise to get in your email! Maybe you’ll fill your picnic basket with great food and head out with your family to enjoy a day Redbud Park! That looks like a really great place to enjoy a sunny afternoon!

Congratulations to all the winners this month. We hope you enjoy playing Prizes-Now every day for the chance to win our free sweepstakes games. Once you choose your numbers for any game, you’ll see on the next screen how close you came to the winning numbers, or if you matched them all! You can also save your numbers to play again, or let the game choose randomly for you with the built-in Quick Pick feature. So, go ahead and play all twenty games every day! It’s fun and totally free. If you don’t hit an instant-win, you’ll still accumulate entries into the $50 daily giveaway for each number you match correctly in any of the games. Just be sure you are logged into the site with the email address you check on a daily basis. That’s how we notify our winners and arrange to pay their prize money!