Prizes-Now Winner Highlights May 2022

We hope you’ve been having fun playing our free games every day, or as often as you possibly can, especially since we’ve recently upped the ante with two daily chances to play for an incredible $555,000 cash! So, be sure not to miss Games 1 and 11 where, as with any of our free games, you can choose your own numbers or use Quick Pick to let the game choose for you. Don’t forget to save those numbers if you have a set you feel lucky about and would like to use them again. You never know when you may choose that winning set of numbers and it could certainly be lucky to win that amount of cash. In fact, it could change your life!

Once you submit your numbers you’ll see Save Picks on the left hand side. Simply click on it and the next time you play you can select Use Faves to play those numbers again. You can also check the results the next day to see if you’re a winner or how close you came to those winning numbers. It’s pretty exciting to see how close you came and could be your inspiration to keep playing because you never know when you’ll hit that winning combination! It’s even more exciting when you see you’ve matched them all and won!

Don’t forget, we also give away $50 to one player every day. Of course, it’s not a life changing amount of money, but everyone can use extra cash these days, especially with the cost of things like gas, lunch, groceries and whatever else you need to make it through your week. And what a fun surprise to find a winner email in your inbox saying you have won the $50 daily cash giveaway. That’s free money you can use for whatever you need.

Ron B. in Toms River, New Jersey, may be ordering up some of those famous Jersey pies from his favorite pizza place since he won the $50 daily cash on May 2. That’s a nice treat and you can add some of your favorite toppings or get some sides of garlic knots to enjoy if that’s what you’d like to do with your cash prize.

Crystal A. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, may be getting her nails done and meeting her friends for lunch since she has an extra $50 on hand after winning the daily cash prize drawing on May 11. That could also come in handy to put towards your bills, groceries, gas in your car or maybe just order delivery from your favorite take-out and put your feet up to relax for the evening.

Shaneekya Y. of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, is an avid sweeper and also added her name to our winner’s list this month with a nice prize after winning our special sweeps Amazon Echo Dot giveaway on May 12. This is a really fun device you can enjoy so many things with, like your morning news station, favorite music, finding recipes, reordering products on Amazon and tracking your orders. You can even connect Alexa to other smart home devices like lights, appliances, air conditioners and Ring Doorbell so you can ask Alexa to talk to the front door when someone is there! You can also call others who have Alexa or drop in on them. Have fun with it, Shaneekya!

Sheldon S. from Boynton Beach, Florida, also won a special giveaway and now has a $50 Amazon Gift Card to enjoy spending after he won the prize drawing on May 18. With so many things to choose from, it’s always fun to have shopping money to buy things on Amazon no matter what you need. They have just about everything you could want!

Congrats to all the winners this month and best of luck to everyone on becoming a winner too! Have fun playing Prizes-Now any time from any of your favorite devices. It’s important to note that you should also make sure your email address is up to date with the latest one you’d like us to reach you at. You can check to make sure by clicking on My Account at the top of the page. If for some reason you’ve changed your preferred email contact, you’ll want to be certain we can reach you there. Winners are always notified by email only and names are announced on our Winners page. That’s why it’s important to use your main and real email address with your free Prizes-Now membership. Keep in mind, the email address you enter is the only way we will contact you if you are one of our lucky winners. So, be sure you keep an eye on your inbox and play Prizes-Now for your chance to have some fun every day and hopefully become a winner too!