Prizes-Now Winner Highlights November 2022

Some say the best things in life are free! We think so too. That’s why we offer free daily sweepstakes games for the chance to win up to an incredible $555,000 free cash! In fact, we offer that top prize in Games 1 and 11 to give our players double the chance of winning the cash prize of a lifetime! With 20 daily games and other large cash prizes including $50,000 in Game 2 and $25,000 in Games 10 and 20, there’s no reason not to stop by each day to try your hand at choosing the winning numbers! If you’re in a hurry, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a built-in Quick Pick feature so if you can’t decide which numbers to play, let the game do it for you! After you submit your numbers in any of the games you can also save them to play the next time if you are partial to a certain set and would like to play those numbers again.

On top of all the free sweepstakes games you can play, you also earn entries into our $50 Daily Giveaway, which is based upon the correct numbers in each game you play. Those can add up during the course of your game play, so be sure to keep an eye out for emails from us so you can collect that cash if you’re chosen in any of our random nightly cash prize drawings!

Julio P. in Orlando, Florida, got one of those winner emails after he was chosen in the November 1 drawing for the $50 Daily Cash Prize! That sure is a fantastic email to get and now you can add to your fun with an extra $50 in your wallet! That might be a day out at your favorite theme park with the kids or maybe a nice dinner with your better half at your favorite place in town to dine out.

Tracey C. from Tuckerton, New Jersey, won our special sweepstakes contest on November 10 and now has an extra $100 to enjoy on whatever makes her happy! Congrats, Tracey! Maybe you’ll meet up with the girls for a fun time at The Grapevine to enjoy a hearty Italian meal paired with your favorite wine! You might even head to Walmart to buy something new to wear because that’s always a great way to feel good when you walk in to meet your friends and they tell you how fabulous you look!

Kevin B. of Sweetwater, Texas, also won some sweet cash when he was chosen in the $50 Daily Cash Prize drawing on November 19, just in time to pick up the pies to bring to your aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and perhaps you’ll surprise her with a bouquet of flowers too as a way of saying thanks for being so great!

Jay V. in Green Bay, Wisconsin, may be listening to his favorite tunes and checking on his Amazon orders now that he can do that and more on the Amazon Echo Dot he won on November 22! This is a handy device to have in any room of your  home with so many features. You can control your smart devices, ask Alexa to set a schedule or a timer, use it as an alarm clock so you don’t miss getting up on time, listen to music, news and check the weather, and find out just about anything you need to know. If you’re not sure, just ask Alexa and see if she has the answer for you!

Kirk J. from Pioneer, Ohio, also got a nice surprise when he was chosen to win the $100 Gap Gift Card special contest on November 30, just in time to hit those holiday sales whether you need new clothes for yourself or want to give some nice pieces as gifts this holiday season. There are a lot of choices between Gap and their affiliate stores and outlets, so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for!

Keep playing Prizes-Now for the chance to win cash sweepstakes games and cool special prize giveaways! Just be sure to keep your email up to date in your free account and don’t forget to check your inbox for emails from us! That’s the only way we’ll let you know if you’ve won, or verify if you win any of our games so you can collect your prize money!

You can also check the Results page the following day after any day that you play to see if you chose the winning numbers in any of the games, or how close you came to hitting the jackpot! It’s always exciting to play our free games and even more thrilling when you win. So come back often, preferably every day if you can, so you can play for the chance to win Prizes-Now!