Prizes-Now Winner Highlights September 2022

Prizes-Now gives players free and easy ways to win prizes instantly! Simply choose your own numbers, or for an even faster game play you can choose Quick Pick and let the game select the numbers for you. If you’re partial to a certain combination of numbers in any given game, you can save them to play again. Then the next time you play, simply choose Use Favorites on the game board and they will automatically fill in for you! It’s that simple to play our free daily sweepstakes games for the chance to win cash and prizes, and it's quite fun too! Just remember, winners are notified at their member email address, so be sure to visit your account profile to make sure yours is still up to date with the best one we can reach you at. Once you win, you’ll receive a winner confirmation email so you can collect your prize money absolutely free of charge of course!

April J. from Albuquerque, New Mexico, collected a cool $100 Visa Gift Card after winning one of our special sweepstakes giveaways on September 1! That’s certainly a pleasant surprise to open in your email and now with that extra money you can do some shopping, pay bills, or maybe you’ll decide to go out for a nice dinner for two at your favorite local place to eat. You may even choose to stroll around town and make a purchase at one of the fabulous local galleries if you find something special to enhance your home décor or maybe even give as a nice gift to someone for their birthday or a holiday!

Rena W. in Morehead City, North Carolina, also won a special prize drawing on September 7 and landed $250 Cash in her pocket! That’s a fantastic win and we hope you were happily surprised to see that winner email arrive in your inbox! That could definitely come in handy to start making holiday plans for the season this year. It’s never too early to think about gifts, decorations and food you want to prepare and with all that extra money on hand, we’re sure it will be even more enjoyable this year!

William O. of Amesbury, Massachusetts, also has a fantastic reason to smile since he won the Amazon Echo Dot giveaway on September 15! Having Alexa voice assistant comes in handy for so many things whether you want to find out where your Amazon order is, check on the weather, listen to music or the news, find out how to say something in another language, hear a funny joke, or even “drop in” or “call” someone you know who also has Alexa! It’s a lot of fun exploring all of the ways Alexa can help you through your day and we hope you have tons of fun with it!

Jerry O. from Bertram, Texas, will surely be styling this season wearing the new duds he can buy with his $100 Gap Gift Card after winning the special giveaway drawing on September 22, just in time to ring in Autumn and perhaps get that new flannel jacket and matching shirt you’ve been wanting to buy! Have fun shopping, Jerry, no matter what you end up choosing to get with your gift card!

Thomas P. in Fayetteville, North Carolina, also had a pleasant surprise arrive in his email inbox after he won the special $50 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on September 29. The only thing better than shopping on Amazon, is having gift card money to cover your purchase when you check out your shopping cart! Enjoy it!

A huge shoutout goes to all of our $50 Daily Winners this month, which means thirty of our players got that delightful news in their email. Once you receive a winner notification, you can decide if you’d like to be paid by check in the mail, a PayPal payment or you can select an Amazon Gift Card and we’ll email you a code you can load into your account to use when you finalize your purchase. That’s the best way to shop, when your gift card is right there as a payment method on check out!

We hope everyone who won this month fully enjoys being a winner and has a great time with your prize or money. Keep coming back because there are lots more chances to win prizes and cash and it’s always free to play and collect what you win! With prizes as high as $555,000 and two daily chances at that jackpot, it’s certainly worth a few moments of your day because you never know what playing will result in unless you do it! Have fun and we wish everyone the best of good luck becoming a new winner or winning again with Prizes-Now!