Winner Highlights August 2023

There’s no time like the present! That’s why Prizes-Now offers the opportunity to win prizes without waiting to find out! It’s certainly thrilling to see right away if you’ve matched the winning numbers, or partially matched them in any of our free daily games. If you don’t match them all, we do give you entries into the $50 daily cash giveaway for each correct match, so there’s another opportunity to win!

Cesar L. from Astoria, New York, knows how it feels to win the $50 Daily Cash Prize because he won it on August 1, and that’s a great way to start any month on a lucky note! You never know where that winning streak could lead, so keep playing and enjoy your prize money! Perhaps you’ll hop a train into Manhattan and spend the day in Central Park with a picnic lunch on the lawn to enjoy with a friend!

Athea B. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is staying home for some new enjoyment now that she won the 65” Spectre 4k Ultra High Definition Television prize drawing on August 16! What an impressive set this is, and with a 65” viewing screen you can certainly have everyone over to enjoy movie nights, watch a concert or holiday event like a parade, have game day parties, or binge watch your favorite TV series, and more! We’re sure you’ve got lots of fun times ahead with this awesome set in your house and your friends and family will most likely be hanging around a lot more! Who knew winning a big tv was a great way to get them to visit more often! Have fun!

Speaking of awesome, Darrell J. from Gentry, Arkansas, had an amazing day when he hit the winning numbers in Game 5 on August 21 and won $1,500 Cash instantly! That’s what we’re talking about when you play Prizes-Now. You’ll see that you’ve won on the very next screen. From there, just watch your email for a winner confirmation message so you can collect your winnings. That’s certainly an exciting moment to experience! Now that you have all that prize money, Darrell, we hope you have some big plans to enjoy it! Perhaps you’ll take your family out for a great celebratory meal at The Wooden Spoon. We hear the portions are mighty generous, the prices are very reasonable, and you won’t want to miss dessert either. Or you can order up some pieces of homemade pie to take home!

Kristine R. from Simpsonville, South Carolina, has some extra money this month since she won the $50 Daily Cash Prize on August 24! That could be perfect timing to see a concert at the CCNB Amphitheatre or enjoy one of their upcoming music festivals. Or you may just decide to head over to Cracker Barrell to relax over a home style meal you don’t have to cook! That’s a nice place to sit back and take your time with a friend or your significant other. And everyone can’t resist browsing the country store on the way out. You never know what interesting things you might find there!

Linda L. in Laurel, Maryland, got a nice surprise when she won the $100 Gap Gift Card special sweepstakes prize on August 31! What perfect timing if you were just planning on shopping for Back to School clothes! With so many choices, you can shop online or in store at Gap, Gap Factory, Gap Outlets and all their affiliates like Old Navy, Athleta and Banana Republic. That’s a lot of options to find just what you’re looking for and the best part is you’ll have your gift card ready at checkout to pay for it!

We hope each and every one of our winner’s completely enjoys their prizes! To see the complete list you can check out our winners page, which is organized by month and year with every winner to date.

Playing Prizes-Now is super fun and always completely free. We hope you come back and make our site a part of your day. It’s a great way to relax and take a break from your daily grind, and have fun playing free games to win prizes and cash up to $555,000!