Winner Highlights January 2024

As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present. That’s why we like to live in the now and show our players right away if they’ve matched all of the numbers correctly in any given game, or how close you came. Don’t forget, for each correct match you’ll also earn entries into our $50 Daily Cash Prize Drawing, so there’s always chances to win Prizes-Now. If you do match all of the numbers in any game, you win that amount! That is definitely a win-win for our players, especially because you’ll never lose money playing our sweepstakes games every day! With the stakes as high as $555,000 with two games for the chance to win that amount alone, it’s definitely a great way to spend a part of your day playing. Plus, it’s so much fun and totally free! We also run special contests, and that’s another way you can win Prizes-Now!

Tim M. from Macomb, Michigan, knows how that feels since he won the $100 Gap Gift Card special contest on January 4! That sure is perfect timing to add some winter pieces to your wardrobe if you need new thermals, flannel shirts or even a new jacket with insulated lining to keep the cold out during the cold winter months in Michigan. You might even get some wool socks too!

Ron B. of Toms River, New Jersey, is among our $50 Daily Cash Winners since he won the prize drawing on January 8! That’s a great surprise to discover in your email inbox and now with that extra cash you might decide to head up to the Ocean County Mall to browse around for something special to treat yourself to. Or you could take your favorite someone out for a pizza and movie night! The choice is yours and we hope you enjoy whatever you decide to spend it on.

Scott M. from San Franscisco, California, also has extra cash on hand since winning the $50 Daily Cash Giveaway on January 14! That could be just what you needed to go out and see one of your favorite bands. With so many choices of great venues, you definitely have options. You might also decide to head down to Clement Street to enjoy your favorite Asian food which could be just about anything since there are so many restaurants to choose from. If you like Burmese cuisine you can’t beat Burma Superstar for some really mouthwatering selections and great desserts too, especially if you like friend bananas and ice cream!

Brenda G. in Broussard, Louisiana, has some extra cash to spend this Mardi Gras season since she won the $50 Daily Cash Prize on January 25, just in time to make plans for Fat Tuesday! That could be just what you were hoping for to go out and party with your friends New Orleans style checking out the parades, food, drinks and festivities. We’re sure you must have a stockpile of colorful beads but who can resist catching more when the floats go by tossing them out to the crowd!

Berleen S. of Austin, Texas, was undoubtedly pleasantly surprised when she got an email notifying her of winning the Amazon Echo Dot special contest giveaway on January 31! If you’ve never owned an Echo device, you’re in for a real treat discovering so many ways having Alexa voice assistant can enhance your day. You can start out listening to the news and weather, or your favorite type of music and even set an alarm to wake you so you don’t oversleep. You can also set Alexa to alert you of any weather events predicted in your area, even if it’s just a light drizzle of rain. You can also ask Alexa just about anything you want to know and track your Amazon packages too. Plus, you can pair it with your smart home devices like doorbell cameras and light bulbs. Alexa can talk to the front door if you use that command and also set a schedule to turn lights on and off, which can save money on your electric bill. Those are just some of the things you can do with Alexa and we’re sure you’ll enjoy learning all the ways having Alexa can be so useful!

Thanks for playing Prizes-Now and congratulations to all of the winners this month! We hope you come back every day for the chance to win our cash sweepstakes games and special giveaways, which are always free and fun!