Winner Highlights July 2023

The potential of instant gratification is very real when you play Prizes-Now. There’s no waiting or wondering about if you’ve won since you will see on the very next screen if you’ve matched the winning numbers, or how close you came. You’ll also earn entries into the $50 Daily Cash Giveaway for each correct number, so that’s another way to win! Plus, we run special contests giving you even more ways to win Prizes-Now!

Neil F. from West Long Branch, New Jersey, hit the $50 Daily Cash Prize award on July 3, and that’s a fantastic way to head into the 4th of July holiday, with some extra spending money coming your way! That could cover a relaxing Sunday brunch at Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant, to enjoy the view and a great meal! Or you might decide to have lunch while you take in the view of the Atlantic Ocean from the outdoor patio dining area. We hear, once you sit down you won’t want to leave!

Michael W. in Bellingham, Massachusetts, is getting some assistance with his daily routine now that he won the Amazon Echo Dot on July 5! This is an awesome device you can pair with your smart devices like lights and doorbell cameras. You can also play music, check on your Amazon orders, listen to the news, and if there’s anything you need to know, just ask Alexa! She’ll even tell you a joke if you need a good laugh!

Sonia I. of San Leandro, California, landed on the winner’s list this month after she won the $50 Daily Cash Giveaway on July 14! That’s a fun email to receive and choosing an Amazon Gift Card to receive your prize money is a great way to enjoy some online retail therapy! You may have been saving something special for later and now you can move it to your cart and check out your order to pay for it with your prize money!

Steven C. from Temple, Texas, also won the $50 Daily Cash Prize on July 23. It’s easy to earn entries every day just by playing. If you don’t match every number in any of our free games, you’ll get daily cash prize entries for every correct match. That’s what we call a win-win! Congrats, Steven! Now that you have some extra spending money, maybe you’ll take your family out to the Summer Fun Water Park to cool off from the Texas heat and have a great time together! Between the water slide towering an impressive 900 feet, to the lazy river, swimming pools and great snacks at the pavilion, it’s sure to be a memorable time for everyone!

Jeremy R. in Kokomo, Indiana, wraps up this month’s list of $50 Daily Cash Winners after his entry was chosen on July 31. That’s a splendid way to end the month on a happy note with prize money in your wallet to enjoy spending on whatever you decide to. Maybe you’ll head over to Choo Choo McGoo’s to enjoy your favorite meal with a friend or your significant other. With outdoor seating, a cozy comfy atmosphere and home style cooking, that’s one way you might enjoy your prize money. With such reasonable prices, you might decide to take the whole family with you too!

Congratulations to each of this month’s lucky winners. We hope you come back to play Prizes-Now every day. It’s always free and fun and with cash prizes as high as $555,555 it’s exciting to think of what would happen if you choose those winning numbers correctly. It’s always possible and that could certainly change your life forever! We wish everyone good luck and good fun playing Prizes-Now!